College hockey coming to Versus? CHL / NCAA Debate

College hockey could be coming to Versus by next season according to numerous reports over the last week. Some have stated in the media that there have already been discussions with members of the NCAA and television executives about getting a number of games nationally televised on Versus, which is reported to soon be re-branded as the NBC Sports Network. There have been reports that it would be televised as a “game of the week” package, with the game being played on Friday nights. Personally, I think this is great news and could be a huge boost to NCAA and hockey overall in the USA. College hockey could use the increased national exposure to help gain the interest of potential top players down the road. In addition, that just means more hockey in general being televised, which is a huge plus for any fan of the sport. More news should be coming out on this in the near future.

Speaking of college hockey, there’s two links below to some interesting articles covering the great debate between CHL and the NCAA. This is coming on the heels of the recent news of both Jamie Oleksiak and J.T. Miller expected to bolt for the Ontario Hockey League. Arguments are routinely made for both sides, but in my opinion both routes provide a player with great opportunities to succeed. It’s up to the player and their family to decide which route works best for them in accomplishing their future goals. However, I do believe that the college hockey route is looked at unfairly sometimes as a lower tier development league. Those that believe that are grossly misinformed. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the list of NCAA alum in the NHL, it is long and impressive.

NCAA hockey has to work on perception problem

Rhetoric shouldn’t dwarf facts in CHL-NCAA conflab, please

Update: Here’s two additional great pieces by Chris Peters over at “The United States of Hockey”:

NCAA/CHL Battle Heating Up


The Argument Against CHL Players Retaining NCAA Eligibility


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